Mini Essays

Fear’s Metallic Taste

The time she called, “come to me, I need to tell you something.” How I heard it in her voice—someone had died or their marriage was over. How I already knew—my life would be marked by this forever. Before and after. Each bearing witness to different people.  // When my newly rolling baby of a […]

Surprised by Motherhood

I have come to see them both–the light and dark sides of this role I get to play–but only one has surprised me.   I was not surprised to weep with joy and limitless love when all 8lbs 6oz of her was laid on my chest for the first time. I was not surprised at how […]

What The Bachelor and My Local Mom’s Facebook Group Have in Common

Every Tuesday night two of my sisters and I huddle under blankets on my couch to chat and watch thirty women vie for one man’s attention: Clayton, a good ole’ boy from Missouri, desperate to find love. And every Tuesday night I’m struck by the women in the confessional interviews saying all they want is […]


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