Hello and welcome!

I’m Miller! The person behind the words on these pages.

A few things about me:

I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We’ve known each other since kindergarten and got married 6 months after I graduated high school. Now, being married 7 years and both a little older, we recognize how insane that is. We feel incredibly lucky and blessed by God to still be (mostly) happy and (mostly) in love these years later.

I’m mama to two precious little blondies. Isla came to us on Christmas morning 2018 and two years and four days later her brother, Wiley, joined the family. They have made my life full–of both joy and suffering–and while they aren’t the reason I write, they are the reason I pay attention, which is the reason I write. 

I have been putting off making one of these–a blog, ugh, insert eyeroll here– for years, honestly. Ten years ago, in the height of blogging, I heard someone say, “more mommy bloggers, that’s the last thing we need.” Right then and there I resolved to never have a blog.

And yet here I am…

While this is not a “mommy blog,” I am a mom (not a mommy though, I have a strong aversion to the word mommy, please refer to me as Miller or Mama), and I believe that every story is worth telling, every story. Even the ones involving spit up and middle of the night wakes, the ones you only come to know after housing another person and delivering them out into the world.

I’ve also come to find that I am most engaged and present in my own life when I am writing. When I am thinking and processing through the spark of my fingers moving across the keys. When there is a pen in my hand.

I have lived a lot of years numb and I refuse to spend my children’s childhood, these early and sweet years of my marriage, and my own youth disengaged.

This is my attempt to do that. To process more fully beyond the 2200 characters Instagram allows. Beyond the confines of a journal I will just throw away when full.

So, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for being here. For bearing witness to the stories of my soul.