A Very Quick Review: Olive Kitteridge

I began reading this one with some apprehension as it has such mixed reviews, but I ended up loving it.

Olive Kitteridge is a retired schoolteacher living in Crosby, Maine with her loyal husband Henry and misunderstood son, Christopher. The book follow Olive as she interacts with a host of characters all with their own humanity–joy and suffering. It is not plot driven and at times feels like a series of essays or short stories about a real town, as opposed to a work of fiction.

I am a sucker for real feelings and the complexities of human nature in a story, so I was drawn to Olive and the rest of the residents of Crosby from the get-go. I would say skip if you want something fast-paced and plot driven, grab a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and settle into your cozy chair if you’re looking for a slow burn.

I can’t wait to read more of Elizabeth Strout’s work.


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