A Very Quick Review: Bright and Burning Things

Oh man, in my tiny Instagram Story review I wrote, “this one will stick with me for a long time.” And it will.

Bright Burning Things by Lisa Harding is about Sonya, a young, single mother battling alcoholism. Her four year old son, Tommy, and big rescue dog, Herbie, are often caught in the cross fire of her disorganized life and affections.

I won’t say more for risk of ruining the plot, I did say this was “a very quick review” after all, but this one is hard to read in its brutal honesty. It is fast paced and full of character development. It will leave you filled with both worry and hope. Harding, through Sonya’s character, lent me a new perspective on single motherhood, alcoholism, and strained family relations, for which I am incredibly grateful.


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